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Business Modeling

  1. You own 5 shops. The revenue and customer count for each shop is given below. Set up a workbook to enter revenue and customer count for each shop and make a summary worksheet that computes total weekly revenues and customer count using 3D formulas. is as followsData:

    1. Shop 1- Revenues are $6500, Customer Count is 1320

    2. Shop 2- Revenues are $7500, Customer Count is 1400

    3. Shop 3- Revenues are $5000, Customer Count is 1000

    4. Shop 4- Revenues are $8200, Customer Count is 1510

    5. Shop 5- Revenues are $11300, Customer Count is 2100

  2. On April 1, 2016, you have $800. At the end of each month you earn 1.5 percent interest. Each month’s interest is based on the average of the month’s beginning and ending balances. How much money will you have after 12 months? Use circular referencing.


Note- During this Salesforce training we will ask you to keep going to the Salesforce site to attempt their practice exercises. Salesforce has many applications- so there is tonnes of information on their site for all kinds of roles- example developers, managers, analysts etc. So to prevent you from getting lost, we have streamlined the basics on our site. So try to follow our course to stay in sync. Later on if you are curious & have time you can deep dive into Salesforce’s trails.


  1. Sign up at the Salesforce’s developer site and remember your log in credentials (make a note of it somewhere- you will need it repeatedly)

  2. Read and attempt these CRM questions. (Make sure to log in to earn points on Salesforce!)

  3. Learn navigation and personalization on Salesforce. Attempt the quiz at the end to earn points.

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