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Project Management

Under Project Management exercises, you will learn some business case studies- this will help you understand how decisions are made by business leaders in different kinds of companies .


Today's case presents the journey of Robin Chase, founder of Zipcar who went through several ups and downs before discovering Zipcar's success. Read the case at your own pace and enjoy it like a novel or story- you will learn a lot through these cases pretty seamlessly. 

Based on your case reading, answer the following questions. Just think about key points, not essay answers.

  1. How was ZIPCAR different or more innovative compared to other car rentals/sharing companies at the time of its inception?

  2. What was Robin Chase's vision while building ZIPCAR? What did she want ZIPCAR to be known as?

  3. How did Robin Chase brand ZIPCAR and make it hip & youthful? Was she successful in her branding effort? What else could she have done?

  4. How did Robin Chase know that the market was ready for an internet & wireless technology based car sharing product? Was she correct in assuming that users were ready for ZIPCAR?

  5. Think about ZIPCAR as a user in 2000. What do you think are the pros and cons of it? Would you have joined it? Based on your thoughts, list a couple of ways in which ZIPCAR could have improved its user experience.

  6. What was the "inconvenient discovery" in Robin Chase's journey? List a few factors you think led to that discovery.


Follow along the video lesson with the data sheet you've been using.

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