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Project Management

Today's case presents examples of organizations that solved complex problems using simple and creative design thinking approaches. You will learn how design thinking can foster creativity and problem solving not only at the individual level but also at the organizational level.

Based on your case reading, answer the following questions. Just think about key points, not essay answers.


  1. In the IDEO case, which application of design thinking did you find most interesting and why?

  2. Imagine you are a PM at a company that is trying to create the best water bottle ever. Wear your design thinking hat and come up with features/functionalities/design ideas for that water bottle. Sky is the limit- so don't be afraid to be crazy!

  3. If you were asked to hire a PM at your company, what attributes will you look for besides the basic skills?

  4. What are three main spaces in the design thinking process according to IDEO?

  5. Name a couple of steps that Shimano undertook after collaborating with IDEO that struck you as most creative.

  6. If you are the VP of Product Management at your company, how would you incorporate design thinking into your company culture?


Follow along the video lesson with the data sheet you've been using.

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