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Business Modeling- Create Impressive Business Dashboards

Excel- Dashboards

Learn how people use Excel and Pivot tables in their actual jobs. By the end of all 3 videos in this series you will have a sense of how to apply your knowledge in a real professional setting. Today there are more videos than usual. So be prepared for that!

Database Management Systems- MySQL

MySQL Installation

After all those days of SQL practicing its finally time to get some real action. Today you will learn how to install a SQL DBMS on your local machine. We are using MySQL because its open source and free. Its the most popular open source DBMS in the world and hence, a great DBMS to learn. The videos will provide you a comprehensive introduction to MySQL along with installation instructions. In your upcoming mini project you will get a chance to work on what you learn today. So even if you find some of this confusing, don't worry at all. You will figure it out when you do it for yourself in the mini project. For now, sit back, relax and watch the videos.

This series is a little long- so you should grab a snack and some drinks before diving in.

Installation on Mac OS
Installation on Windows
MySQL Basics

To get a sense of MySQLFirst download MySQL from MySQL site, install it to your local machine and play around with it.

BA in Action

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