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Business Modeling-  ANOVA

Statistics- ANOVA

Analysis of variance (ANOVA) is another type of hypothesis test that is used to analyse the differences among group means. So basically, you test groups to see if there’s a real difference between them. The null hypothesis is that there is no difference and alternate hypothesis is that there is a difference. The two main types of ANOVA tests are one way ANOVA and two way ANOVA. We will focus on one way ANOVA at the moment.

Excel- ANOVA

Database Management Systems- Relational Algebra

SQL- Relational Model Introduction

Relational algebra is used for modelling the data stored in relational databases, and defining queries on it. It basically provides a theoretical foundation for relational databases, and query languages to manage these databases. Understanding relational algebra will give you a stronger grasp of DB operations. It will also help you learn new DBMS’s quickly because almost DBMS’s today work on the same foundation of relational algebra.

SQL- Relational Model Continued
SQL- Querying Relational Databases

Data in Action

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