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Business Modeling-  Basics of VBA Coding

Excel- Learn VB Editor

Visual Basic (VB) is a programming language which is used to write Macros and automate Excel tasks. As a BA you will not need to code much in VB but in some situations, you might find yourself digging into VBA code. So it will not hurt to get your feet wet with some VBA. Don’t sweat- it’s fun if you take it easy and learn gradually.

Excel- Learn how to Write a VBA Macro

Business Intelligence (BI)- Tableau

Data Preparation – The Data Interpreter

The Data Interpreter is a feature which is used to connect to Excel files.  It is used identify the structure of data in the Excel file and turn it into the proper format for analysis in Tableau. In other words, its used to clean your Excel data. In this video learn how to clean and transform data in Tableau.

Data Preparation – Pivoting your Data

In this video learn why and how to pivot your data structure in Tableau. It will also give brief overview of how to use Tableau Public’s pivot function.

Data in Action

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