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Business Modeling-  Buttons, Positioning using VB

Excel- Creating Buttons

Learn how to create interactive buttons and automating tasks by assigning macros to buttons.

Excel- Changing Cell Values using Macros
Excel- Positioning and Offset using Macros

Positioning enables you to control and move the selected cell around.

Business Intelligence (BI)- Tableau

Data Preparation – Splitting your Data

Splitting of data may be required if you have string fields in your data that contain multiple information. For example if one cell contains full name or address, it can be used to separate first name from last name and name of city from the address. It usually makes analysis easier if you split the values in one field into separate fields.

Data Preparation – Joins and Unions 

Just like you learned in SQL, Joins and Unions are used to combine data into a single table or joining multiple tables in a data source. In this video lesson learn how to join multiple data sets together in Tableau using joins and unions.

Data in Action

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