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Project Management- Reporting and Presentation

Tips on Writing Reports and Analyses
Tips on Making Powerpoint presentations

Communications is a big part of the BA job. You will need to present your analysis to your stakeholders all the time. Writing reports will also be a part of the communication process. So being able to communicate clearly and concisely is a very useful trait. Some folks hate PPTs (and that’s understood ;P). So we have provided some lessons on presentation and reporting which will make your job easier. If you enjoy the analysis part of the job, you will eventually start liking the communications aspect too because that’s how you engage your stakeholders and collaborate.

Business Intelligence (BI)- Tableau

 Understanding the Logic of Charts

This video will walk you over the logic that goes behind Tableau Public charts which will not only explain dimensions and measures but also overview of columns, rows shelf and marks card.

Combining Sheets on a Dashboard

Data in Action

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