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Instructions for learners- Data Analyst

  • The only prerequisite for this program is 'Motivation to learn'.

  • To start as a Data Analyst in any industry, majority of companies expect you to be prepared in at-least the following areas. Our day-wise curriculum covers all the topics below.

    • Microsoft Excel

    • SQL programming

    • Fundamental concepts in Statistics

    • Hypothesis testing

    • Writing reports and presenting analyses

    • R Programming and General Linear Models.

  • Full curriculum is split into days to help you plan your learning. But this is a self paced course. So feel free to take your time to master the content. If you feel that content is slow, use Shift + > to fast forward the videos.

  • At the end of each day, we will provide an exercise to revise the concepts. Your best teacher is your last mistake- so please attempt the quizzes and practice exercises.

  • We sincerely hope that this curriculum will make learning both enjoyable and useful for you. Please share comments on how you find the material (and also feedback!). You can contact us via our Facebook page.

  • We love crowdsourcing and invite all learners to contribute content. If your material is listed on the site, we will thank you by giving you a shout out and bonus exercises to practice!

  • If you are fairly familiar with Excel & SQL, start from Day 10.

Why to Learn Statistics?  

It’s important to know why you are getting into data analysis. Here’s a quick video to help you with that.

Data vs perception

A data less world will be a world of myths and manipulation. See for yourself.

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