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Python- Introduction & Installation

Why Learn Python

Python is one of the most powerful and useful languages in data science. It provides several core libraries to exclusively handle and analyse data. The best thing about Python is that it is a multipurpose language- it can be used for general programming purposes, scientific and statistical computing and also to build web applications. This reading will help you understand why is Python so important for data scientists.

Python Installation (Mac & Windows)

Math & Statistics- Calculus Revision

Single & Multi-Variable Calculus

Calculus is the mathematical foundation for nearly every technical discipline including data science. Being familiar with single and multi variable calculus is an important prerequisite for data science. Hence, brushing up those concepts will be useful. We have provided a cheat sheet along with some videos to help you revise.

Single & Multi-Variable Calculus

If you feel rusty with differentiation or integration, you can refer to concepts from this lecture series at any point in this course.

Multivariable Calculus Revision

Another lecture series to help you with multivariable calculus. Most videos are close to 6 minutes long. If time permits, try to watch as many as you can. If you are confident about multivariable calculus, you can move on.

Single & Multi-Variable Calculus
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