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Government & NonProfit Leadership

  1. What are the main phases of project management?

  2. This reading will help you understand the impact of creative thinking in social innovation. As a manager or leader, out of the box thinking can be your biggest asset.

Quantitative Analysis using R

  1. Is R case sensitive? Test in R to find out yourself.

  2. What is the use of ls() and rm() in R?

  3. What power would you raise 2 to for getting 64? Find this answer in R.

  4. Area of a square is 3786 square inches. What is the length of its sides? Calculate using R.

  5. What will be the output of the following code in R? Find the answers without writing any code in R- do it in your head.

a = -2

a = a * 4

a = 20

print (a)

Output ?

x= 2

y= x

x= 3


Output ?


Output ?


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