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PR and Communication

  1. Are PR professionals same as journalists?

  2. How can PR skills be useful for someone working in public policy?

Quantitative Analysis using R

  1. Find the ‘chickwts’ dataset. What is the structure of the data?

  2. How many factors are there in the ‘chickwts’ dataset?

  3. Write code to calculate the mean weights of all feed types (in the ‘chickwts’ dataset).

  4. Now go and view the ‘CO2’ dataset. What is the class of ‘Type’ and ‘uptake’ attributes?

  5. For the ‘CO2’ dataset find the median value of conc by type.

  6. Install a new package called ‘ISwR’. In ‘thuesen’ dataset of the ISwR package, find the mean of both blood.glucose and short.velocity and return the results as a list.

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