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PR and Communication

  1. What are the main steps in campaign planning?

  2. Name some challenges faced during campaign planning.

Quantitative Analysis using R

  1. Pick 12 numbers at random between 100 to 1000 (with replacement) using the sample function. Use help() in case you get stuck.

  2. What’s the use of dnorm, pnorm, qnorm and rnorm in R? Try using these functions in R using any values or examples of your choice (use your imagination 😄!)

  3. Which of the functions in Question 4 calculates the Z-value (standard units) for given cumulative probability?

  4. Calculate the probability for each of the following events using R:

    1. A normally distributed variable with mean 31 and standard deviation 2.7 is larger than 34.

    2. A standard normally distributed variable is larger than 2.5.

    3. In a binomial distribution the probability of success is 0.75. If there are 20 trials, what’s the probability of getting 20 successes?

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