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PR and Communication

  1. Write a few tactics or strategies that you would use while planning campaigns in the following scenarios.

  2. You are a policy analyst at an environmental nonprofit and are trying to raise public awareness about toxic salmon fish that are shipped to consumers every day.

  3. You are leading a blood donation organization.

  4. You are raising funds for an affordable housing project.

Quantitative Analysis using R

  1. What is the difference between a t-test and a z-test? Follow along today’s video on one-sample t-test and repeat those steps on your computer.

  2. The daily energy intake of 10 men in a small town is as follows in kJ- (6000, 8330,7120,8010,6370,7380,8410,6420,7530,6830). Does this systematically deviate from the national recommended value of 9300K kJ? Use the appropriate hypothesis test in R to evaluate.

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