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Policy Analysis

  1. Continue your assignment from Day 3 (based on this article) and create a matrix with criteria and alternatives for this policy problem.

  2. Write the criteria you would consider as a policy analyst analysing the following situations:-

    1. Too much littering at public parks

    2. Access to cigarettes within a high school campus

    3. Corporations stashing too much cash in tax havens

Decision Analysis & Modeling

  1. 23 people in a class have an average height of 5 feet 7 inches. A 24th person joins the class. How tall would she have to be to raise the average height by 1.5 inches?

  2. Is it ever possible for standard deviation to be negative. Give reasons.

  3. A list has 10 entries. Each entry is either 3 or 4 or 5. What must the list be if the average is 3? If the average is 5? Can the average be 6?

  4. The Mayor of a city plans to give all city employees a flat raise of $1000 a month. What would this do to the average monthly salary of city employees? What would it do to the SD for the salaries?

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