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Policy Analysis

  1. Continue your assignment from Day 5 (based on this article) and include projected outcomes in your matrix.

  2. Write the projected outcomes of your policy if you are analysing the following situations (this is also continued from Day5 exercises):-

    1. Too much littering at public parks

    2. Access to cigarettes within a high school campus

    3. Corporations stashing too much cash in tax havens

Decision Analysis & Modeling

  1. If you toss a coin 10 times what’s the probability of getting 6 heads in a row?

  2. If you toss 3 coins what’s the probability of getting exactly 2 tails?

  3. What are the total number of possible outcomes if you roll a dice thrice?

  4. A die will be rolled 7,200 times. About how many aces are expected?

  5. Every month you buy a ticket in a lottery that offers one chance in a million of winning. What is the chance that you never win, even if you keep this up for twenty years?

  6. Four cards are taken from the top of a well-shuffled deck.

    1. What's the chance that the 4th card is queen of hearts?

    2. What's the chance that the 4th card is queen of hearts given that the first 3 cards are diamonds?

  7. A fair coin is tossed 3 times.

    1. Find the chance of getting atleast one tail.

    2. What is the chance of not getting 3 heads?

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