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Policy Analysis

  1. What is the Grandma Bessie Test?

  2. Read this article and write a 50 word article summarizing your findings.

Decision Analysis & Modeling

Note: Refer to the z-table to answer some of the following questions.


  1. What are standard units? How do you compute standard units.

  2. Find the area under the normal curve (for given standard units):

    1. to the right of 1.15

    2. between 0.2 and 0.8

    3. to the left of -0.6

    4. between -1.4 and +0.7

  3. For a community college's freshmen class, the average GPA (grade point average) is around 2.9 & the SD is about 0.5. The probability distribution follows the normal curve. Estimate the 40th percentile of the GPA distribution.

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