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Policy Analysis-  Power of Storytelling

Before wrapping up the policy analysis segment and moving on to the next topic, we will share some interesting interviews and panel discussions to summarize your learnings so far. The first interview with former governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm discusses the importance of storytelling to impact policy change.

Decision Analysis & Modeling- Correlation

Statistics- What is correlation?

Correlation is used to measure the strength of association between two or more variables. The association may be positive or negative. We will mainly study the correlation between two variables. A simple example of correlation is the association between temperature and ice cream sales. As temperature goes up, so do ice cream sales- this is an example of positive correlation. An example of negative correlation would be the association between obesity and health. As obesity increases, overall health and well-being decreases. The following video introduces the concept of correlation along with covariance in sufficient detail.

Policy in Action

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