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Policy Analysis-  Policy Career Challenges

Former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich talks about social change opportunities in policy careers in the current socio-political landscape. He explains the challenges faced in policy careers and gives practical advice on dealing with those issues without feeling marginalized and disappointed.

Today is the last day of policy analysis lessons. From tomorrow, we will start lessons on nonprofit leadership. Hope it has been fun for you so far :-)

Decision Analysis & Modeling- Simple Linear Regression

Statistics- What is Linear Regression?

Regression is another way to study the relationship between two or more variables. The variables are classified into two types- dependent variable and independent variable. The dependent variables (usually denoted by ‘y’) represent the output or outcome whose variation is being studied. The independent variables (usually denoted by ‘x’) represent the inputs. The following video is an in-depth explanation of linear regression and its main calculations.

Policy in Action

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