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Government & NonProfit Leadership- Financial Management

Why is Financial Management Important?

As a nonprofit leader, you might think that your main job is to accomplish the mission of your organisation and leave the rest to others. But financial health is a critical indicator of your organisation’s overall well-being. Hence, as a leader it your job to make sure that your finances are in order. Upcoming lessons will teach you the basics of financial planning and budgeting. You will find these lessons very useful in your real job as well as your day to day lives.

Quantitative Analysis using R- Data for Social Good

Statistics- What is Linear Regression?

R is a statistical programming language which is used to analyse data. R is an open source, easy to learn language which is accessible to all for free. It is a powerful language and is used for multiple applications ranging from science and engineering to public policy. As a policy analyst having strong skills in data analysis will give you an edge in the technology era. Governments worldwide are transforming their operations to become more tech and data centric. So building some knowledge in statistical computing will go a long way. Hear directly from President Obama to understand the importance of data!

Remember to go easy on yourself while learning R. This might be your first programming language and even years of practice can leave a programmer confused. So just take in what you can and enjoy the process of discovering a new domain- don’t worry about nitty gritty. If you feel lost sometimes, you are not alone- trust us :-)

Example of Data Science Applications in Public Policy

Policy in Action

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