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Government & NonProfit Leadership- Being Agile

Applications of Agile Project Management in Nonprofits

Today’s lesson is longer than usual. That’s why there are no lessons in the quantitative section. Today you will learn about Agile project management. It is a commonly used project management technique in for-profit companies, especially technology companies. However, its success has made other sectors take notice. As the name suggests, Agile offers flexibility during project execution and enables project teams to handle unpredictability and change. It also emphasizes on collaboration and mutual accountability over hierarchy- hence, it is suitable for modern times.

Quantitative Analysis using R- Working Directory

Setting up your Working Directory

Working directories are used to keep all your work in R organised by saving everything in a folder. Today’s lesson is a very quick overview of working directories and related commands.

Writing Scripts in R

A script is a set of commands which can be saved as a file and reproduced, and edited anytime. Scripts also contain comments which tell the reader what each command line is intended to do. You should build a habit of writing R scripts and regularly save it in your working directory.

Policy in Action

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