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Policy Analysis- Understanding Alternatives

Assembling Evidence
Constructing Alternatives

This is the third step of the Eightfold path. Alternatives refer to alternative strategies or courses of action to mitigate or solve a problem. Alternatives are not necessarily mutually exclusive. There are several situations in which 2 or more alternatives solve the problem together. Hence based on your analysis you can pick one or more alternatives. Remember to always include the status quo as one of the alternatives. In many situations leaving things the way they are (“do nothing for now”) might be the best option.

This is step 2 of the Eightfold path. This will teach you how to conduct prior research and distinguish among “information,” “data,” and “evidence” in the process.

Decision Analysis & Modeling- Excel Functions, Descriptive Statistics

Excel- Functions
Statistics- Measures of Central Tendency

Policy in Action

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