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In the UI/UX section of this program, we will ask you to do small assignments which will eventually add up to become a full prototype of a product. Each day will be a follow up from the previous day so that you can focus on learning all concepts through ONE product. Everyone loves food, so we have picked the theme of Food Delivery. 

Imagine you are a PM at a hypothetical start up, "EatUp" which is creating a food delivery web app. You are the only PM in the company (which is mostly the case for start ups 😉) and you have to start gathering information on your domain (luckily you have a UX designer to help you but she is really new to this field and relies heavily on your creativity & leadership). 

  1. To start the UX process, download and fill information in this template and start thinking about your domain and competitors. Based on the parameters given in the matrix, research each competitor and fill up the matrix. Its a good visual tool to summarize your research.

  2. Next step is to study your user. Create a simple survey questionnaire with 7-10 questions to understand your users. You can include questions on their experience with food delivery process, their frustrations, their positive feedback etc. Try to get a sense of their overall experience which starts from feeling hungry to navigating food delivery options, ordering food online, making payments and getting the actual delivery.

  3. If time permits, get together with a user (potentially a friend, family member or colleague) to conduct an in depth individual interview as a part of your user research process. The reading from Day2 will be a good reference.

Data & Decisions

  1. What's the difference between discreet and continuous data? Give examples.

  2. Give different types of qualitative and quantitative data with examples.

  3. Use this reading to understand the importance of right metrics and answer the following questions.

    1. Why do you think DoSomething failed in converting viewers to donors? If you were a PM there what would you do differently?​

    2. What metrics will you consider while building the EatUp app (under the UI/UX exercises) and why?

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