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Usability Testing- Introduction

Usability tests are very helpful in getting real feedback from your users during the design process- this helps you build something that people actually want & are happy to use. There are several ways of doing usability testing which we will discuss in upcoming sections but for now lets take a quick glimpse.

Usability Testing- Some best Practices
Ethics of Usability Testing

Remember to respect your user at each step during the product design & development process. Knowing best practices on ethics can help you achieve that.

Data & Decisions

Marketing Research- What & Why?

A PM plays a critical role in launching new products and making them successful. Hence, its pretty important to know your market- that's where market/marketing research kicks in. Marketing research is the process of understanding the viability of a product through techniques such as surveys, product testing and focus groups. This research allows a company to discover what their target market is and what their consumers think about their product. Marketing research and market research are two slightly different areas although in some places these terms are used interchangeably. To know exactly how these terms are different, read this article.

Products in Action

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