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Software Engineering

Web Frameworks

Web frameworks are designed to support web applications by providing a skeleton of sorts that makes common repetitive tasks quicker- for example frameworks consist of code libraries, UI templates and session management which eliminates the need to write all the code yourself. This reading gives a pretty clear and concise overview of frameworks- make sure to skim through it.

Some important terms related to web frameworks are explained in this wiki article. We will cover most in the upcoming sections. It might help to go over the the wiki page in advance though.

Data & Decisions

Conjoint Analysis- Introduction

Conjoint analysis is a statistical method used in market research to determine how people perceive or value different attributes (feature, function, benefits) that make up an individual product or service. Its also used for product pricing. For product managers, conjoint analysis can be a useful tool in understanding consumer choices and preferences. 

Conjoint Analysis - Example 1
Conjoint Analysis - Example 2

The following video walks through an example of conjoint analysis using Excel. It might be a little hard to understand but don't worry. We are getting your feet wet to prepare you for the real job. You will learn more with practice.

Products in Action

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