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Software Engineering

Web Framework Architecture

Software architecture is a very vast and in depth area with a lot of jargon. So we won't go into all that- just to get you slightly familair, software architecture is like a blueprint for your software system which refers to high level components of the system and the connection between those components (connectors). The interaction between components and connectors is defined by the configuration.

One of the most common architectural patterns used by frameworks today is called MVC (Model-view-controller). MVC completely separates the front end interface from the back end data model & business logic. Learn more in the following video.

Web Services

This term can be confusing and is often times used in many different ways. But in the context of what we are teaching right now, it refers to the technologies used to make connections between devices communicating via the World Wide Web. There are 2 main types of web services used these days- REST & SOAP. The following videos will help you understand the basics.

REST- Representational State Transfer

This architecture uses HTTP Protocol for data communication and revolves around resources where every component is a resource and a resource is accessed by a common interface using HTTP standard methods. You will learn more about REST and HTTP in the following videos. 

HTTP- Hypertext Transfer Protocol
SOAP- Service Oriented Architecture Protocols

Data & Decisions

There were enough videos today. So lets take a break from data and touch base again the next day. Optional assignment for today is to watch a movie called Moneyball 😀. Its a cool movie on the application of data analysis on sports.

Products in Action

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