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Software Engineering

Domain Names & Domain Name Server (DNS)

Before moving on to more managerial topics, here are a couple of more terms to cover. Most of you might be already familiar with these but for those who aren't here you go.

Security and SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are small data files that are responsible for secure connections from a web server to a browser. You will learn more from the video.

Data & Decisions

Forecasting Techniques

As a PM you might find your self in a situation where management asks you to forecast demand for your product in coming months. Especially, if you are trying to launch a new product, it helps to have some kind of understanding of what to expect in terms of market share, sales, profitability etc. You might get help from analysts but sometimes you end up doing the analysis yourself. The following videos give a comprehensive and practical overview of common forecasting methods used by business managers.

Demand Forecasting Applications- I
Demand Forecasting Applications- II

Products in Action

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