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Software Engineering

Android vs IoS- An Introduction

Being able to analyze products and compare competitors using detailed and nuanced arguments is a useful skill. It enables deep thinking and problem solving. Android and IoS are both awesome products which are pretty similar, but also very different at the same time. Analyze their pros and cons. Think of ways in which each can do better in overcoming the fierce competition.

Android vs IoS- Contd

Excel is a powerful tool which makes data analysis both convenient and fun. Almost all organizations today depend heavily on Excel for their day to day operations and decision making.

Mobile Apps (Architecture)

Behavioral Economics (BE)


BE is a very useful branch of economics that uses psychological insights to figure out how human behavior impacts economic decision- making. This is widely used by companies to design UX, develop pricing strategies, plan product features etc. Most importantly BE is really interesting because it makes surprising revelations about the how humans think and make decisions. This is gonna be fun!!

Impact of Behavioral Economics on Businesses

Products in Action

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